Gospel artiste UNVEILS fourth album

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PRAISE and worship singer, Aleck Kaswa, will launch his fourth album, titled Tinokunda Nekutenda, on Friday.

He preaches the gospel of having faith in God to overcome challenges in life.

The 10-track album will be launched live on Radio Zimbabwe, from 9pm.

Kaswa, who fronts the Hope of Glory Band, said preparations are well on course.

“This is a milestone for me in the music industry, the journey has been kind to me.

“I am super excited to be launching my fourth album, which is a present to my legion of fans as we enter the festive season, a period of celebration.

“I want to promise my fans and the entire nation that this album is not to be missed because it is filled with good music, messages of hope, which will uplift a lot of people,” he said.

Kaswa’s music journey started in 2019, when his mother passed away.

He recorded a compilation album, called Tichasanganiswa, which was filled with his mother’s favourite songs, as a tribute to her.

He was assisted by gospel musician, Joseph Tivafire, to record the tribute album, who encouraged him to pursue music full-time.

This led him to record his debut album, Ndivo Mwari, in 2020.

The following year he released his second album Tariro Ndiyo Kundiso.

Last year, he released his third album, Kudzai Ngoni DzaShe, which carried the hit song Mudiwa Wangu, featuring Tocky Vibes.

“At first, it was meant to honour my mother who had passed away, so I recorded a tribute album with the help of Joseph Tivafire, who assisted me with arranging my music.

“Tivafire has walked with me in my musical journey.

“It was him (Tivafire) who then encouraged me to pursue music full-time because he believed in me, so I can say through his advice I am here today and I have managed to record four studio albums which have been well received by music fans and critics,” he said.

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