‘Gospel music changes sinning world’

18 Nov, 2020 - 10:11 0 Views
‘Gospel music changes sinning world’ Tafadzwa Chiwaridzo


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Chegutu based gospel artiste Tafadzwa Chiwaridzo has urged fellow musicians to utilise their talents in positively changing the world from sinning.

Chiwaridzo who fronts the Asaphites Band is of the view that only gospel music can help save the world from sinning.


“Things we are seeing today are an indication that sin is no longer a strange thing to people.


“People are now doing whatever they deem necessary but I believe gospel music can change the world from such acts of sins.


“I urge other gospel musicians to use their talents in spreading the good message to the world,” he said.


Chiwaridzo who began music seven years ago opened up on his music journey.


“I started singing in 2013 when I released my debut six track album called Baba Ndadzoka before adding 5 songs in 2014.


“In 2016 I did an 8 called Munondichengeta and in 2017 I did a single titled Mhepo,” he said.


Three years ago, Chiwaridzo said he put his musical projects on hold owing to other commitments.


“I put music on hold since 2017 and this year I am back with a single called Chakanaka Chakanaka which will be ready on December, 4.


“My music cut across all ages since I sing Jazz, reggae and Rhumba so that everyone gets a chance to praise God.”


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