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Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

FORMER Psalmody co-presenter Precious K says therapeutic gospel music is needed to soothe bleeding hearts on Covid-19 lockdown.

The 49-year-old, who became a household as a presenter of the once popular gospel show on ZBC TV, which was later renamed Prime Gospel Show, says she is playing her part using her vocal ability.

Precious K, who continues to win lost souls back to Christ with her latest album titled “Zvisimbiso Zvenyu”, has vowed to soldier own.


  • COVID-19

With Covid-19 in our midst, the uncrowned queen of praise and worship – real name Precious Kahwema – preaches the eternal gospel of having faith in God during such trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Gospel music in needed during such trying times of Covid-19 because it gives hope and strength to the sick, those in despair and mourners.


“We are living in difficult times where we need God to come to give us all the hope we need.


“In short, gospel music gives people the best therapy they need when all the hope seems to be lost,” he said.


To ensure that she accomplishes her mission to engage old and new fans on lockdown, Precious K never runs short of initiatives.


“While Covid-19 has brought untold suffering to the people, it has also come as a lesson to us that we need to go digital to remain relevant as is the case with others world over.


“We have now embraced the new normal where performances are now done online while music is also provided on various digital platform.


“We have also realised the importance of downloading our music on digital platforms like Youtube where we can monetise our projects,” she said.



Like most of her peers in Zim gospel genre, Precious K is not spared from major hurdles.


“Lack of airplay has been our major setback as gospel artistes since we are struggling to penetrate both the local and regional market.


“Secondly, exorbitant recording costs is also another challenge we face in most studios as producers demand a fortune to record us.


“Thirdly, another challenge we face are the temptation in the studio where some producers ask for sexual favours to assist us instead of just recording us on merit.


“Added to that, poor marketing has really cost us but we are now working on that to ensure that we also penetrate the market,” she said.


Despite being a familiar face on the small screen back in the day, Precious honed her skills after working the tutelage of other greats as a backing vocalist.


“Over the years, I have worked with various artistes as backing vocalist  and helped them to record  a number of their successful albums.


“These artistes comprise the likes of Pastor Haisa, Daniel Taderera, the late pastor Tamuka Chinouriri, the late pastor Pfumo Kahwema.


“Then, we used to hold rehearsals in the garage of Pastor Musakwa’s house in Waterfalls.


“I had an opportunity to meet Clive Mono Mukundu who helped me record my first solo album in 2013 (Tofara) and my second album in 2017 (Ndoraramiswa Nenyasha),” she said.


Precious K said she began appreciating gospel music after working with other great.


“Between the year I998 to 2012 as a part time presenter at ZBC and one of the programmes I presented was Psalmody gospel show which I co-presented with (the late) Mr Remington Mbeya.


“The show was later renamed Prime Gospel Show (PGS) with the late Piwayi Dzuda being the presenter.


“By interviewing fellow gospel artistes and interacting with them, I have learnt quite a lot  and began to appreaciate gospel music more,” she said.


Academic wise, who is also employed as the director of academic affairs with a local university, is proud of her qualifications.


“Academic wise I am a holder of numerous certifications and two degrees, one of which is a Master of Business Administration (MBA).


“Currently I am working on my PhD, Doctor of Business Administration with a university in Malaysia. I am employed as a Director Academic Affairs at one of the state universities in Zimbabwe,” she said,



To date she has three albums and 24 videos to her name.


“I have recorded 24 albums where I did full DVD of 13four videos on another album and further six videos., which makes the who tally 24.


“I will continue investing in videos since people prioritise visuals more than albums audios nowadays,” she said.


Despite having a better paying job and leading an affluent life, Precious K continues to work with fellow gospel artistes who are still struggling o make to acclaim.


“I’m working with a group of gospel artistes under the group Zimbabwe Female Gospel Artistes (ZFGA) which has a membership of 50.


“Pastor Hetisani Mharidzo is the chairperson of the ZFGA who is directing the vision of the association and I come in as a deputy chairperson.


“Our aim is to uplift each and other do some collaborations as artistes where we uplift each other.


“Under the group we have toured and ministered female prisons with fellow artistes giving hope to prisoners at the correctional facility,” she added.

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