Tanaka Mahanya

INDUSTRY and Commerce Minister, Sekai Nzenza, said the Government was committed to promoting consumer confidence.

Regulations, she said, will help the Consumer Protection Commission (CPC) to deliver its mandate and bring sanity to the market.

She said the Government had gazetted the Consumer Protection (General) Regulations to protect citizens from exorbitant prices and other illegal trade practices.

Among the measures are rules to ensure consumers are protected from “deceptive, misleading, unfair or fraudulent conduct” and encouraging businesses to have an internal mechanism for resolving consumer disputes as an alternative to court action.

“These regulations have come at an opportune time as they help the CPC to deliver on its mandate and bring sanity to the market,” the minister said.

“The CPC’s mandate is to ensure that consumers are protected from unconscionable, unreasonable, unjust or otherwise improper trade practices, as well as deceptive, misleading, unfair or fraudulent conduct.

“Any consumer who alleges that consumers’ rights in terms of this act have been infringed, impaired or threatened, or that prohibited conduct has occurred or is occurring, should approach the commission, designated consumer protection organisation or court, so that corrective action is taken.”

She added:

“The thrust of the law is to ensure that there is harmony in the marketplace, where businesses thrive, while at the same time consumer rights are observed.

“In line with its mandate, the CPC is continuously rolling out consumer awareness campaigns across the country.”


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