Pardon Manase

GOVERNMENT is getting tough on paid-for extra lessons and has warned teachers, who continue to hold such lessons, that they face serious consequences.

Paid-for extra lessons are illegal but some teachers continue doing them.

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has flexed its muscles and, through its spokesperson Taungana Ndoro, made it clear that:

“Paid-for extra lessons are illegal and anyone conducting them is doing it at their peril.

“They will be charged under the Public Service regulations, they are also criminally abusing their offices and will be charged under the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Act.” 

The issue of paid-for extra lessons has been a big talking point, especially amongst parents, who feel that their children no longer have time to rest and they now have increased financial burdens.

Tiri kunetseka nekubhadhara mari yechikoro pamusoro paizvozvo mateacher voda futi mari yema extra lessons.

“Paid-for extra lessons have been shown to hurt students’ academic performance. 

“Extra lessons should be offered for free and without discrimination, and should be conducted only by teachers employed by the school,” said a parent.

One student, who is in Upper Sixth and is an orphan, said:

“I am an orphan and can not afford to pay for these extra lessons, this will disadvantage me since the teacher will not teach what has been taught during the extra lessons and I will be left behind.”

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