EDITORIAL : Govt makes good Grade Seven move

THE Government’s move to scrap the traditional early school holidays for Grade 7 students is a MASSIVE step in the right direction.

This departure from what had become the norm comes at the right time when students need to be empowered to ensure that they can adjust from primary to secondary school education.

Taungana Ndoro, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education’s spokesperson, announced on Wednesday that, after serious consultations with various stakeholders, Grade 7 students will no longer be freed to go on early holidays after the completion of their examinations.

It was noted pupils needed to be prepared for secondary school as well as being provided with guidance as they make the change.

He also highlighted that the students needed to focus on career service fairs, study skills and counselling.

Physical education and sport are some of the key areas that will keep Grade 7 students busy as outlined by their parent Ministry.

This should come as good news to parents/guardians as their kids get preparations for life in the different environment of secondary school.

Over the years, it has been noted that students struggle to gel with others when they start Form One, due to a lack of guidance.

The Government also scrapped educational tours after the examinations, for the safety of students, which has been welcomed by parents.

The move will help parents make savings for their children, who will be starting secondary education next year.

Preparations and savings to ensure that the Grade 7 students start secondary school on a good note should start now.

And, scrapping educational tours for Grade 7 students after examinations, is another way of assisting parents to make savings.

Parents/guardians now must comply with the Government’s new policy that will keep our children busy until the end of the third term.

With the country fighting drug and substance abuse, which has seen young kids being caught in the web, we can’t thank the Government enough.

The Grade 7 students, who have just finished their examinations, need to be empowered with this knowledge to desist from taking drugs.

Boredom, idleness and peer pressure have often been blamed as some of the causes driving people to take drugs.

Following reports of drug and substance abuse involving kids, the teachers should also take this time to educate the Grade 7 students about the dangers of drug and substance abuse.

These are some of the areas where they need guidance from their teachers as they prepare for secondary education.

To ensure that the initiative bears fruits, there is a need for constant monitoring of schools by education chiefs.

School authorities who flout the new policy should face disciplinary action for sanity to prevail.

Some boarding school leaders were already looking at the savings, in terms of things like food, which will come with the Grade 7 students leaving early for their holidays.

Now, they have to keep them at school until the end of the term.

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