GP Murerwa pimps Macheso’s ride

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GP Murerwa pimps Macheso’s ride Laston Murerwa and Macheso


21 November 2018

Laston Murerwa and Macheso

…businessman forks out over $18K

LAST Power Spares boss, Laston “GP” Murerwa, has forked out over US$18000 to pimp Alick Macheso’s Ford Ranger Wild Track.

The South Africa based businessman, who did the job in two weeks, said he pimped Macheso’s car as a way of honouring the musician.

Macheso, who was given his new-look vehicle after his performance at Jongwe Corner last Sunday, almost broke down as he was shown his new-look ride.

In an interview with H-Metro, Murerwa said the Orchestra Mberikwzvo boss was a real legend who deserved to be honoured whilst he is still alive.

“We have realised that people tend to honour their legends when they are no more which is very bad.

“In my case, I have decided to honour Macheso in a unique way by just pimping his car.

“I did not charge him because I wanted to show him that we really care for him,” he said.

Murerwa, who is popular across the Limpopo, said he was humbled by Macheso’s humility when he showed faith in him.

“When I asked him that we wanted to pimp his car, Macheso did not doubt us because he has been to our garage before where we sell motor spares.

“He gave us the green-light to work on his car and as you can see, it is completely different now from what it was before we pimped it,” said.

He added:

“We changed quite a lot including the dash board, rear tailgate and added the raptor sticker.

“The total value is over $18000 and we asked him not to pay a cent from the quotations we made.

“This is just a way of appreciating Macheso because he has done so many things for people.

“He is also a humanitarian ambassador and we all know the charity work he has been doing to help others and this is just a way of saying thank you to Macheso.”

In another interview, Macheso thanked Murerwa for pimping his car.

“I’m happy that I have people who appreciate me like Murerwa.

“When he approached me, I never doubted him and this is what Murerwa has done for me.

“I also thank all my fans who came here and without them, we are nothing.

“I have achieved all this because of their support and I will continue doing my best for them,” he added.

Meanwhile, Macheso has vowed to continue mentoring young musicians.

Some of his mentees like Tendai Dembo and Muchapedza Matsito Junior also graced and performed at the family show.

He also pledged to give Simon Mutambi free studio time at his Alema Studios in Chitungwiza after the Cobra Kings bandleader appeared on stage and played his bass guitar.


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