Grade 7 long holiday back

Mangaliso Kabulika

Government has revoked its earlier decision to cancel the early school break traditionally given to Grade 7 students who have just completed their examinations.

Government had ordered the students to continue with the national education calendar and close schools when the third term ends in December.

Students were expected to have guidance and counselling sessions as they transition from primary to secondary school.

However, in an about-turn, Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education permanent secretary, Moses Mhike, issued a circular stating that the move was a cancellation of Circular Number 17 of 2023 on compulsory organised learning activities post Grade 7 exams.

The cancellation means that Grade 7 students must be allowed to close schools.

“Those schools that had planned and budgeted for educational school trips should proceed as such in conformity with Circular P.54,” Mhike said.

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