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 Ashley Mujoma

THE Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) has launched a fuel retail services grading system to promote high standards of infrastructure and product quality in the energy sector.

The system of grading and labelling fuel service stations is aimed at increasing consumer awareness of standards in the retail sector.

It is also meant to ensure compliance by fuel retail stations.

The system provides the fuelling public with an independent view of technical and customer service standards prevailing at graded fuel retail sites.

The initiative also benefits the petroleum industry itself, acting as a yardstick for improvement to the operator or oil company.

It also fosters a spirit of continual improvement in service station standards as well as some form of self-assessment and self-regulation.

Energy and Power Development Minister, Zhemu Soda, said:

“In the past, ZERA has demanded and enforced high standards of infrastructure and product quality in the petroleum sector through compliance enforcement.

“In 2022 the Authority raised the bar to include customer service standards in service station compliance assessments with a view of encouraging more self-assessment and self- improvement by its licencees in the conduct of their business.”

Minister Soda also said the grading scheme is also beneficial to the petroleum industry itself.

“It is almost impossible to differentiate fuel in Zimbabwe now, but service stations can gain competitive advantage and loyalty by providing valued added services to customers and the Government expects this scheme to improve motorist decision-making in choosing service stations and it expects to see an improvement in overall standards in the petroleum industry.”

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