Greatman, Sulu collabo makes waves

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Greatman, Sulu collabo makes waves Suluman Chimbetu and Greatman


17 December 2018

Suluman Chimbetu and Greatman

Elinera  Manyonga

AFRO JAZZ artiste Tongai “Greatman” Gwaze has released a video for his song Pandakazvarwa which he collaborated with dendera musician, Suluman Chimbetu.

The Mhangura-born musician, who was born with congenital malformations and is unable to use his hands and legs, was praised for his creativity.

Greatman is a living testimony that disability is not inability.

And the song Pandakazvarwa is off his album entitled Cheziya.

In an interview with H-Metro, Greatman said his video reflects on real life issues.

“Pandakazvarwa is a song that reflects on real life issues in this case it’s a scenario when a disabled child is born and people think it’s abnormal or a result of witchcraft.

“As a person living with disability, this track was inspired by my life and my imagination of what happens when a disabled baby is born in our society,” said Greatman.

Asked on how he met with Sulu, Greatman said:

“Zvakatangira kuMhangura when Sulu came as a guest at Chikonamombe Bhora Show where l was a supporting act in 2017.

“We then exchanged contacts, stayed in touch and then built a relationship.

“Sulu is a good man and he is down to earth, l really respect him.

“He is a busy man but he managed to accommodate me in his life and would visit me without me giving him fuel.”

Greatman said he really salutes Sulu because they used his studio and he never asked him to pay anything for doing a collaboration together.

“Sulu is now a brother to me and I am humbled to have him besides me,” he said

The video was directed and produced by Naxo Films.

Asked on the challenges he faces as a musician living with disability Greatman added:

“It’s very hard to enter into the music industry if you are living with disability and when you do it’s still complicated.

“Promoters shun people living with disabilities and getting on the stage is always a struggle as stages are not user friendly to people using wheelchairs.  Also getting links so as to network with other musicians is a huge problem.”

Greatman said he was grateful to God for taking him this far and also happy with the unconditional support from his fans.

He appealed to fans to vote for Pandakazvarwa on Coca Cola Top 50 Video.

He also said more is coming as he is about to release a collaboration with Pah Chihera.

“I wish to work with people living with disabilities on my band Great Generation but will also include a few able bodied people.  I am grateful to Zim Digital who sponsored the video.”

In another interview, Sulu explained how he met Greatman.

“When l first met Greatman in Mhangura, he gave me his CD and l instantly felt obliged to assist him hence l invited him to Harare at my Cockpit Studio Cockpit.

“From there, we have been working well together.

“I am grateful to Naxo Films crew who came on board as we worked on Pandakazvarwa video and the cast who added life to the video.

“I am happy to have watched the video on our national broadcaster twice and l have been told that the video is trending on social medial and l give Glory to God,” he said.

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