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GRINGO CRITICAL Lazarus 'Gringo' Boora


…doctors association rescues actor

H-Metro Reporters

ACTOR Lazarus “Gringo” Boora’s family was on Wednesday night in panic mode after the entertainer was put on life support.

The 47-year-old, who is battling a relapse of tesnel or intestine obstruction, was admitted at Westview Clinic Zimre Park, thanks to the Medical and Dental Private Practitioners of Zimbabwe Association (MDPPZA).

The association pledged to foot the actor’s medical bills after learning from the press that his condition had deteriorated in the past few days.


As was exclusively revealed by H-Metro recently that Gringo’s condition was dire, the family has been appealing for donations from well-wishers but many have been making pledges without fulfilling them.


And on Wednesday MDPPZA moved in swiftly and admitted Gringo at Westview Clinic Zimre Park where he was being treated by a team of specialists from the association.


“Gringo’s condition was bad when we sent our members to go and fetch him so that he can be treated free of charge.


“We have put him on life support and there is also need for blood transfusion to ensure that he improves.


“As we speak, our team from MDPPZA is treating him and it is our hope that he will recover on time,” Dr Marisa of MDPPZA said.


Dr Marisa said they felt compelled to assist Gringo who had publicly appealed for help.


“As an association of doctors and other health experts in our grouping, we have always been treating patients free of charge as part of our corporate social responsibility.


“Today (yesterday) we assigned First Farai to go and fetch him and we are happy that Gringo is getting the treatment he requires to ensure that he improves.


“As an association, we are here to serve and we hope to assist as many people as we can if we are capacitated,” said.


Gringo’s wife Netsai Meki said she was still hopeful the actor will survive although she appealed for divine intervention.


“I have renewed my hope after my husband was admitted and taken in by Dr Marisa and friends.


“My hope has been renewed and I am looking forward to see his condition change.


“However, everything is now in God’s hands, I promise to be by my husband’s side until he returns to good health,” she said.


Westview Clinic matron Loveness Marisa said they were doing their best to help the revered actor.


She also urged people to assist each other in such trying times.


“The little that you have means millions to a person without.


“You can only realise it that what you look down upon is a diamond to those without the means.


“In the case of Gringo,  he just needs medical attention; he just needs more of those who love him up to the end, loving him means loving his family too,” she said.


The matron urged people to constantly have medical checkups and to urgently seek medication when unwell.


“Let’s seek medical attention whenever we feel ill or a slight change in your body since infections start by minor signs that we often ignore.


“Feel free to visit any medical personnel or centre even if you do not have a cent.


“As MDPPZA, we have treated many patients since we formed this association,” she added.

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