Gringo is a fighter

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Gringo is a fighter Gringaldino


Maria Chiguvari

VERSATILE actor and script-writer, Taurai “Gringaldino” Boora, is a fighter.

After losing his father Lazarus “Gringo”  Boora in 2020, Taurai has never looked back.

Instead of continuing mourning his dad, he let those tears water down the seeds of artistry which Gringo sowed in him.

Taurai, who insists that Rome was not built in a day, has established himself as a director of ceremonies, comedian   and script-writer.

He said he is proving that he can be versatile when it comes to the arts industry.

Taurai launched his “Pwaakaa” drama series a few months ago, which has been embraced on social media.

“It is in my blood to want to be different from the rest.

“Weddings are not something everyone wants to pursue, and not everyone will go into this type of business, it takes passion and interest,” Taurai said.

Asked what makes him unique from others, Taurai said:

“It is about managing the flow of the event, I usually engage with the crowd and choose my words wisely.

“I also smile and make a lot of eye contact.

“I am very careful with the words I use and how I use them.”

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