‘Gringo rises from the dead’

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‘Gringo rises from the dead’ Part of the cast for the Gringo series


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

VETERAN actor Lazarus “Gringo” Boora might have died but his spirit is rising from the grave to keep the legacy going.

Gringo died on November 9 last year aged 47 after suffering from stomach and renal complications.

Blessing Chimhowa

Following his death, his legacy seemed dying but his son Taurai “Gringaldo” Boora is slowly fitting in his shoes.


For this noble cause, Blessing “Mbudziyadhura” Chimhowa, Chati “Godobori” Butao, Spilisiwe Kaikeni with the support of veteran producer Enock Chihombori are reviving the brand.

Mbudziyadhura and Taurai (left)

The team is working on a 13-episode series, Gringo Paruzevha which is expected for public consumption early December.


In an interview with H-Metro Lifestyle and Leisure Blessing who is also the director said:


“We worked with Taurai on some projects and we then realised that the guy is good as his father although at first we were not sure if he will fit his shoes.


“I then noticed he has the potential to even surpass his father, his dedication, ethic and we decided to give it a try.


“So we are working on a series Gringo Paruzevha with 13 episodes and this is the first season.


“We are finalising the first episodes and we are appealing for those willing to come and help in terms of cash and kind.


“The series was written by Taurai, it was developed by Enock Chihombori and its coming up well.


“We also have people who are coming to help us after noticing his talent, many people thought he is just a dancer or mcee but he is just like his father from everything to voice,” he said.


Added Chimhowa:


“Enock was happy after realising the talent and is ready to continue. As you know Enock is hard to please but he seems to be interested with Taurai’s talent in which he has decided to come in.


“So Gringo is alive, we are reviving the brand along with me, Chati, Stella, Sipilisiwe among other characters whom we are unveiling.


“We are working on a low budget since we don’t have corporate support yet.


“Individuals like Dr Marisa, Wellington Chikoore, Sekuru Para, JKG Tv, Trickle Plus Juice are assisting us.


“We are shooting in Chishawasha, we also want to thank the councillor, headman in the area and the community at large.


“New characters will be roped in since it’s going to be a whole new set up.”


The veteran comedian will be directing the series.


“I am directing the project and it is my debut production being assisted by Chati who is also doing a lot.


“It’s exciting and uplifting as people are coming to assist. I am happy with the response that we have had so far, people are excited and they are waiting for the project.


“Some of these guys have been seeing Gringo Junior doing some of the skits and we did not even change the name, Gringo is continuing.


“We are also doing skits, emcees and December is almost booked, we have weddings Gringo entertainment.


“Whatever we do it will be in consultation with the Gringo brand and we believe the brand will be growing bigger. We are aiming higher,” he added.


Popularly known for his role as Mbudziyadhura, the actor got ill in February.


“As you know ndakamborwara in February and people thought that was the end of Mbudziyadhura.


“I promise you, I am back with bang,


“I am excited to be directing this project and with what we have done so far.


“We still appealing for assistance as we are finalising the first episodes.


“Those who want the brand to grow and legacy yaGringo to go better, help us with anything.


“The young man has enthusiasm and we came up to work with him. Hoping by December 1, it will be aired on YouTube.


“He has potential to fit in his father’s shoes.”


In another interview, Chati also called for support for keeping the legacy.


“This is the rise of Gringo and the story line is Gringo from urban set up to rural set up.


“The cast include Blessing, Chati, Taurai, January, Sipilisiwe and a new characters Sharon Mugwagwa among other characters,” he said.

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