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Shingirirayi Mugodi

GRINGALDINO, eldest son to the late veteran actor Lazarus “Gringo” Boora says he is ready to take over the reins.

Born Taurai Lazarus Boora, the 26-year-old, just like his father, has also ventured into the entertainment industry.

In an interview with H-Metro, Gringaldino said it has always been his dream to be like his father, an entertainer.

“I want to surprise people since there is something I am planning and people will see it from December going forward,” he said.

Gringaldino highlighted that ever since he joined the entertainment industry, the problem that he has noticed is lack of support.

“Chinoitika is that we do not have enough support in our arts industry.

“There is so much talent among us but with very little support hainyatsooneka,” he told H-Metro.

Asked what the last advice he received from his father in as far as acting and life are concerned, he said:

“Daddy told me to respect the entertainment sector that I am in and to also respect people that are around me.

“He also told me that I should not have pride and I should learn to live with everyone around me.”

Gringaldino said he was currently running his father’s business to keep himself busy.

“Right now I am doing marketing for this insurance company and doing choreography and performing at certain events.

“I have also been running the company that my father left behind, Gringo Entertainment,” he said.

He said he still has not come to terms with the passing of his father but they are managing to live by the day.

“So far zvichiri kurerma.

“Since the passing of my father I still have not yet accepted that he left us,” said Gringaldino.

Asked if there are others who are interested in the arts in his family he said:

“All my family is into acting but what they do in life does not allow them to take on acting full time.

“Given a chance that they are told to go on stage and act, they can.”

Gringo Junior said that he is going to do all he can to ensure that he keeps his family together as he is now the man of the house.

“All I can do is keep in praying to ensure that God continues to guide my family and keep it together,” he told H-Metro.

Gringo died on November 9 aged 57 due to stomach cancer.

He was buried in Nyazura, his rural home where he was given a befitting send-off.

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