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Latwell Nyangu

BUSINESSMAN Moreboys Munetsi says he survived gun violence on many occasions in South Africa and this inspired him to study law.

The 36-year-old founder and CEO of Great Hope was excited after being admitted as a lawyer by the High Court of Zimbabwe.

“I am very excited to be registered in Zimbabwe. I obtained my law degree in South Africa,” he said.

“Being a victim of crime in SA, after guns were discharged several times in my presence, motivated me to fight for justice.

“The first time I think I was just unlucky.

“I met some guys while coming from the shops and they demanded money and food, which I gave them. They then fired three shots.

“On other occasions, I could sense that the guys had information about me.”

He added:

“I believe humility is the key to success and I want to thank my lawyer, Tatenda Craig Kanoyama, of Manase & Manase, who did the application for me to be admitted as a legal practitioner.

“I believe my new path is going to help society, especially in fighting gender-based violence.

“I am very excited considering that I worked in SA as a ‘dhaka boy’, general farm worker and other menial jobs.

“When I arrived in SA, I didn’t have qualifications to go to university and when I approached UNISA to register, they said it was impossible with just O-Levels.

“The only way was to do SA matric exams and the only available time was evening classes because during the day I was a general worker.”

He revealed that he used to be a laughing stock in his area.

“People were laughing at me for doing SA matric at my age, and that really motivated me and I passed well before enrolling for the degree.

“It’s been three years now for me practicing as a lawyer.

“Because of my work, I normally just provide legal advice.”

He is determined to fight GBV.

“Crime is a great concern to everyone. We need to educate our children from a young age that crime does not pay.

“Let’s introduce subjects which deal with crime.  On GBV, I believe men should be the ones leading the fight as the major perpetrators.”

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