Guruve Prison hails President Mnangagwa

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Guruve Prison hails President Mnangagwa


14 September 2018

Arron Nyamayaro

GURUVE Prison has hailed President Mnangagwa for pardoning some of the inmates saying the prison was oversubscribed at the time they were freed since they use one big cell room.

Prison officer-in-charge Superintendent Joseph Ndlovu told H-Metro that the prison holds 34 inmates but they were at one time forced to hold 80 inmates.

“We want to thank His Excellency President Mnangagwa for pardoning some of the inmates because the situation was unbearable,” said Supt Ndlovu.

“One of the days we discovered that some of the inmates were unconscious in the morning because of suffocation and heat in the room since they were too many.

“We hold inmates who are serving not more than 30 months and anyone above that will be taken to Bindura prison.

“I want to urge people to acquire birth certificates and national identification because some of the inmates here do not have identification cards and some are of no fixed abode.

“We have inmates who never have any visitors and I want to believe that their relatives are not aware that they were imprisoned.

“We try all means to locate relatives of inmates and the biggest challenge is when we have an inmate without identification.

“We struggle much on the release of some inmates since some are of no fixed abode and some were arrested while staying at growth points and had no immediate relatives known.

“Some came to practice as witchdoctors and got arrested for various offences and their relatives are not aware of their activities or incarceration.

“I want to thank local churches for donations, prayers, sermons they preach to inmates; it helps in removing stress in inmates especially to those who do not receive visitors.

“Apart from prayers we thank our nurses here and those from a local hospital as they help inmates in times of illness and most of them recover after treatment,” said Supt Ndlovu.

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