Guruve prison relies on magistrate’s vehicle

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Guruve prison relies on magistrate’s vehicle


14 September 2018

GURUVE Prison is facing serious transport challenges and were relying on the magistrate’s vehicle to transport inmates.

Guruve prison officer-in-charge, Superintendent Joseph Ndlovu said because of transport challenges one of the inmates escaped last month and is still at large.

“Guruve Prison covers a bigger catchment area of almost 300km and we service Mvurwi court which is about 50km away and Kanyemba Court which is 46km away,” Supt Ndlovu.

“The challenges we face are transport, water and toilet facilities among others.

“As we speak we do not have a vehicle to ferry inmates and we are currently relying on a vehicle belonging to one of our local magistrates and sometimes police help us.

“Since we are in between Mvurwi and Kanyemba courts we leave the courts very late due to transport challenges and one of the inmates escaped last month and is still to be arrested.

“Most of inmates who escape will be in farms but the community helps us in leading us and police with information.

“If one escapes from prison they will face not less than 30 months imprisonment plus the previous sentence so those who escape will be creating more problems.

“We have a farm and a remand prison and they are 6km apart and the remand relies mostly on the farm and transport becomes a challenge that we sometimes use public transport with inmates.

“Kufamba nemusungwa mukombi zvinorema chaizvo uye ruzhinji harugamuchire kuona vasungwa vari mumotokari dzavo; vamwe vanofunga kuti havageze uye vaneinda ari mafungiro avo.

“Another issue is water shortage although we have a tap, many times water fails to reach the prison.

“Our officers accommodated at a farm compound which is also a kilometer away also fetch water from here.

“Our appeal to stakeholders is to help us with a pump to draw water from a nearby dam which is not more than three kilometres away from the prison.

“We use blair toilets here and the area is now full that we are constructing another toilet outside the prison and this is also a challenge,” said Supt Ndlovu.

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