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PRESIDENT Mnangagwa has praised Archbishop Ezekiel Guti for his promotion of the welfare of the vulnerable, women, youth and disabled as well as his teaching of productivity. 

Archbishop Guti founded ZAOGA FIF, and died aged 100 on July 5 and was declared a national hero.

The President praised Archbishop Guti’s belief in hard work and productivity, highlighting his philosophy of nurturing self-reliance at household and family level. His work will continue to inspire many, the President said.

Addressing mourners who attended the national hero’s send-off at the National Sports Stadium on Saturday, President Mnangagwa said Baba Guti must be emulated.

“The school of talents — ‘matarenda’ — is one of Baba Guti’s signature philosophies, which nurtured self-reliance at household and family level.

The church closed its 30-day mourning period with another celebration at the same venue yesterday.

“We, the remaining generations, must come forward with our talents to serve our families, communities and the nation at large, as we build our motherland, Zimbabwe.

“As we celebrate the home-going of the late national hero, collectively, let us never give up in our quest for a brighter future, through modernising, industrialising and growing our economy,” he said.

President Mnangagwa also said Baba Guti’s deeds will continue to inspire many even in his death.

“In bidding farewell to this humble man of God, let us honour his legacy by emulating and following in his footsteps and continuing the work that he passionately pursued,” he said.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event, ZAOGA FIF national executive chairman, Apostle Joseph Guti, welcomed the honour bestowed on his father.

“We remain humbled and grateful for the honour bestowed on our father by the State and appreciate President Mnangagwa and VP Chiwenga.

“As our father always said, this church will not die, it will survive and we are all praying for God’s grace to continue with the vision

“We are celebrating a life well lived by a man who trusted his God and taught us to love each other. His works indeed speak how great a visionary he was,” said Apostle Guti.

During the send-off, 100 pigeons were released to mark the national hero’s legacy.

The church closed its 30-day mourning period with another celebration at the same venue yesterday.

His burial will be attended by close family members and church bishops only.

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