Gvt backs JCI presidential candidate

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Gvt backs JCI presidential candidate Minister Kirsty Conventry (R) introduces 2020 Junior Chamber International World presidential candidate Itai Manyere (L)


Shelly Guni, H-Metro Reporter

MINISTER of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation, Kirsty Coventry, said Government is committed to make sure the Junior Chamber International World presidential candidate Itai Manyere gets all the support he wants.

Speaking during a press conference at her offices yesterday, Coventry said the nomination of Manyere came at a time when they are working towards the mantra ‘Zimbabwe is open for business’.

“My Ministry is working with the relevant government departments to facilitate the necessary diplomatic and financial support to make sure that our candidate is successful at the JCI world conference in Thailand.

“I would also like to assure him and JCI that the Government of Zimbabwe is fully behind them and is committed to support him in every possible way to make sure this selection is a success,” she said.

Coventry believes the move is going to put the country’s flag high

“If successful our candidate will be the most visible face of the JCI global network and our national flag will be hoisted for the entire year of his tenure at the office of the JCI headquarters in St. Louis Missouri, USA.

“More than being a source of national pride his nomination is a unique opportunity to raise our countries’ profile and influence in a positive way to foster goodwill and understanding and also a positive way for the re engagement of international community with people around the globe with our mantra -Zimbabwe is open for business- I believe this is an exciting time for every youth in Zimbabwe.

“We are in full support and extremely proud of his achievement we wish him success in his nomination bid.

“Furthermore this creates an opportunity to engage youth in the diaspora.

“This is something that I have heard continuously from the diaspora and is something that I’m looking forward to Itai not just to talk to the Diasporas that we have but to bring them back in touch with the country.

“I must point out that this nomination is not about Itai but about Zimbabwe

“As a youth ambassador he will have the opportunity to travel to more than 70 countries worldwide meeting heads of state business and community leaders,” she said.

She went on to call upon every Zimbabwean to come in and support Manyere.

“In the same vain I urge all Zimbabweans and corporates to support our candidate in his election bid.”

Manyere is vying for the 2020 JCI world presidency.

He was nominated at the Africa and Middle East conference that was held earlier this year in Mauritius.

As part of his election campaign Manyere is scheduled to attend a number of meetings in USA, Japan and Estonia. If successful, he will represent Zimbabwe as a youth ambassador.

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