Gwanzura set to be refurbished

03 Apr, 2019 - 14:04 0 Views


Nyengeterai Dingana, Sports Reporter

REFURBISHMENT of Gwanzura stadium will soon begin after Harare City Council indicated that they now have resources.

The stadium has been closed for more than two years now.

City Council spokesperson Michael Chideme said lack of funds was delaying the refurbishment of the stadium.

“We had plans of refurbishing Gwanzura but did not have enough funds. We were delayed because the consumers of our services were not paying up hence it delayed our progress.

“As we speak work is in progress and we have budgeted $100 000 for the refurbishment of Gwanzura stadium,” said Chideme.

Minutes from the meeting state that there is need for installation of irrigation system, upgrading of toilets and planting of lawn.

“The facility requires drainage designs, construction of conference and changing rooms, upgrading toilets and planting lawn installation of irrigation system.

“The planting of lawn was delayed by erratic council water supplies and the need for an expensive drainage system underground.

“The refurbishment was targeted to be completed by end of June this year and plans for conference and changing rooms have been completed.”

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