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AFRO acoustic outfit, Gwevedzi, returns to Theatre in the Park on September 28 for another show.

The group is famed for its uniquely fresh sound and stage presence.

Rooftop Promotions, under the guidance of Daves Guzha, will host the outfit.

Famed for attracting multiracial crowds, Gwevedzi’s show comes at a time when they are promoting their new album titled One.

Gwevedzi was formed in 2016 in Harare.

The outfit fuses Zimbabwe’s modern music with copyrights of the late icons Oliver Mtukudzi and Leonard Dembo.

Gwevedzi is a Shona name given to a suitor in a courtship between a young lady and a young man to strengthen the love between the two.

The group consists of Tinashe Masangudza, who plays the guitar, Wilfred Nikisi (bass guitar), Nyasha Murada lead vocals/mbira and drummer Keith Musena.

To date, the group has released a number of songs, which include Vhunze, Daira Ndikuone and Bvuma Tiyemerane.

The second album is titled Nhungo and carries the crowd favourites Malaicha and Ndinouya.

The group has performed in Mutare, Victoria Falls, Harare, and Kwekwe.

The outfit has also staged regional shows in South Africa and Mozambique.

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