GZE, Noble Stylz battle keeps fans entertained

13 May, 2020 - 12:05 0 Views
GZE, Noble Stylz battle keeps fans entertained


Nyasha Kada, Entertainment Reporter

The battle between rappers GZE and Noble Stylz has given local hip hop heads something refreshing during this ongoing lockdown.

GZE, popular for the hit song Imhandu, had a go at Noble Stylz earlier this week with a song titled Fatality (Noble Stylz diss)

The song, which was released after a good showdown between Noble Stylz and T Gonzi’s One House Battle powered by Teemak Promotions, has caused so much talk on social media and dividing local hip hop fans on who is better rapper between the two.

It has also refreshed local hip hop and for once changing the battle scene that has been dominated by rivals Mudiwa and Stunner.

However, GZE said his song was not a diss song.

“First of all I don’t consider that a diss record, because everything I spoke on is facts, its the truth.

“It’s something that anyone that follows the culture can look into and see.

“Some of it might not be hard facts but it’s debatable.

“The record is musical but it stands from a real issue after he had poked fun from an issue I had initiated,” said GZE.

GZE said he released the song after Noble Stylz had disrespected his initiative that he had earlier spoke to him about and showed interest.

“I started this Instagram live battle for rappers to entertain people during this lockdown.

” He had shown interest in the whole thing and after not fulfilling the battle like he had promised he  went on social media to disrespect my initiative on social media.

” I didn’t get why he had to do all that if he felt it wasn’t good enough then he could have started his own thing,” added GZE.

Nobel Stylz said he only saw GZE as an opportunist who is trying to ride on his wave since he is the current hyped hip hop artiste in the land.

“I’m at a point where I’m the most hyped hip hoper right now but that’s just about it.

“I have done 15 years as a battle rapper undefeated.

“GZE is a guy who saw an opportunity to say something to gain relevance and that’s a good thing for him and good look for the culture.

“Hip hop is a competitive sport and so the here are bound to be rappers that have some thing to say, about other rappers.

“We are not beefing, beefing involves killing and we are not all about that but just battling,”he said.

Asked whether he was going to reply GZE, he said:

“On Wednesday (tomorrow) I promise you its game over for him.”

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