H-Metro Reporter

LOVEMORE Chazingwa, the H-Metro Correspondent in Kadoma, is man under siege.

A man has been bombarding him with various threats, including running him over with a car and shooting him with a catapult.

The case has since been reported to police in Kadoma who summoned the duo at the weekend to deal with the issue.

Chazingwa claims Owen Turikayi, 40, has been bombarding him with threats.

Turikayi claims the journalist says he stays in a disused bar and was intending to publish the story in this newspaper.

At the police station, Turikayi said:

“I never heard him saying that or taking any pictures of me. I heard that from rumours circulating in the neighborhood.

“I don’t want him to write anything about me.”

Chazingwa said:

“I’m duty bound to report news as things happen and this is done ethically, truthfully, factually and objectively.”

The two were ordered to sign a warned-and-cautioned statement.

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