Mangaliso Kabulika and Nokutenda Rusero

IT just took the first day of the court proceedings in the sensational fallout between ex-football star, Edward Sadomba, and his estranged wife Sherylnn yesterday to confirm that H-Metro’s reporting on the drama in their house has been ON POINT.

Last week, the country’s leading tabloid was targeted by a number of online publications, which combined to cast doubt on our coverage of the saga, and we were labelled as a medium which was publishing lies.

One of the online publications said our reports on the saga had been “rubbished” and we were out to “dent the couple’s private life.”

Sherylnn was portrayed in those reports as being something like an angel, who was falsely being dragged into the mud by our reporting and the insinuation was that she was living happily with her husband Sadomba.

To make it even worse, we were accused of running an agenda, based on a cocktail of lies, which was now negatively affecting the couple’s kids.

We were “defaming the couple,” claimed the reports, using material which was false and the duo’s marriage was in good shape.

We were even accused of having “lied” that we interviewed Sherylnn when at no point, in our reporting, did we ever insinuate that we talked to her.

Well, at the Harare Civil Court yesterday, on the first day that the sensational fallout between the two has been discussed in court, our reporting was vindicated as a true representation of the problems which are now haunting their marriage.

Sherlynn is seeking a protection order at the Harare Civil Court, something which is usually sought by those who are being abused.

Sadomba arrived at court in the company of his lawyer, Charles Warara.

Sherlynn was represented by her lawyer.

While the official court documents have been closely guarded by court officials, with little being released, H-Metro sat through the first day of the hearing of the application yesterday.

It emerged that part of the protection order seeks for Sadomba not to communicate with Sherlynn via WhatsApp or text messages.

This has left Sadomba in a dilemma because, as the court heard yesterday, Sherylnn has been sending him messages to open the gate for her when she comes home late.

Sadomba, through his lawyer, said:

“She wants me to communicate with her when I’m not supposed to.

“She comes home late and texts me saying I must wake up and open the gate for her.

“There are other people at the house who can open the gate for her, that is the children and maid.

“She expects me to act upon her requests immediately.

“If I fail to do so she might take this order and have me arrested and that can be used as abuse as there is a simmering divorce.”

The hint that there is a possibility the couple could be heading for divorce confirms the reporting, which H-Metro has been doing, since we broke this story last week.

Sherylnn, through her lawyer, said Sadomba must give her spare keys to the gate as he always locks it when she is away.

“He is always aware of my whereabouts and locks the gate when I’m not around.

“He is always creating a new avenue to fix me.

“He has to give me spare keys as he will not suffer any loss from it.”

The matter was postponed to Monday for a ruling.

The first day of the hearing in court confirms H-Metro’s reporting that there is trouble in the Sadomba paradise.

It also confirmed that the issue of Sherylnn’s late return home was also at the heart of the breakdown of their relationship.

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