Arron Nyamayaro

A NUMBER of people yesterday took time with their families to celebrate Heroes Day at food outlets.

Various food outlets in and around Harare were busy as people took their families out for meals.

The H-Metro hotline was inundated with calls from residents of various suburbs complaining of noise pollution since Friday as the spirit of Heroes and Defence Day celebrations gripped residents of the capital.

“We are in Mabvuku, we never slept as night clubs were making noise until dawn,” said a resident.

“Are there any measures to protect us from this?”

Another resident of Budiriro 5 complained of shebeens where patrons were reported to be celebrating in unholy ways.

“Please H-Metro help us, we never slept because of the noise from shebeens dotted around here and we are worried.

“Yes, we are on holiday but why should holidays affect other people’s rights and ruining our youths through drug and sexual abuse?”

Tracy Kamoto, 23, told H-Metro that she always reserves time to be with her grandmother.

“We are celebrating Heroes Day and I decided to take time out with my grandmother who looked after me to become what I am today,” said Tracy.

“In life, we need one another to move from one place to the other and from one stage to the other.

“My grandmother looked after me following the death of my parents.

“She is my living heroine.

“She went through some challenges, I remember her struggled to grow crops and fruits for sale in order to pay my school fees.”

She added:

“Today I am counted among respected managers because of her.

“As we celebrate our national Heroes Day, I feel blessed also to celebrate my life in my grandmother’s arms.

“We are very peaceful in Zimbabwe, we have freedom of worship and access to land for our personal and national development.”

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