Hairdresser sued over Brazilian hair

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Hairdresser sued over Brazilian hair


10 January 2019

Marcia Matema

A CITY woman is suing a local hairdresser for $260 after she allegedly damaged her Brazilian hair-piece.

Florence Chakunge suspects that Farai Chivheyese might have tempered with the wig.

“Your Worship, I ordered a weave from a reputable website and it’s an original Brazilian hairpiece.

“It wasn’t really new when I gave it to him so that he could make a wig out of it.

“I ordered him to make a closure and then make a wig for me but he did not do anything to but damaged it.

“It was a 10m long peace but when I measured, it after collecting from him it’s less than 5m.

“I don’t know what really happened to my weave.

“He didn’t even bother to let me know about this.

“I want $260 so that I can replace my weave,” she told the court.

In his defence to the allegation, Chivheyese told the court that, “Your Honor I cannot compensate for the damage because it was out of my control.

“This was to the first time the Brazilian pieces were made into a wig.

“Besides it was very old, it seems like it was worn every day. Her demand is too much for an old hairpiece.

“The hair strands where falling off when I tried to wash and untangle it, like I said it was pretty old,” he responded.

Presiding Magistrate Tafadzwa Miti, postponed the case for both parties to unite and conduct a research about the weave length and other details that could help the court decide on the judgment.

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