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Lisa Mandewo, H-Metro Reporter

IT was a busy day for hairdressers and barbers yesterday as school children were getting haircuts and hairstyles for the schools opening day.

H-Metro spotted parents and children moving in and outside salons as part of the “back to school” last minute preparations.

Parents had various reasons of doing these preparations on the last minute.

“This holiday was quite a busy one, we had to visit our rural homes so we came back yesterday and today is the only day left kuti ndigerese vana vedu and buying other stuff for their school opening day which is tomorrow,” said  one Marambire who was waiting for his children as they were getting haircuts at a barber shop at Corner Leopold Takawira Street and Jason Moyo Avenue.

Another parent interviewed by H-Metro said she didn’t have the money for her daughter’s hairdo and that is the reason behind the last minute preparations.

“Mari yese yakaenda ne Christmas saka panga pakaipa, ndaitoda kuti arukwe last week chaiyo kuti ndisazoita zvinhu under pressure but because I had no money ndatowana mari nhasi makuseni chaiwo kuti aende asina kurukwa havabvumi veku school kwake,” she said.

Another parent Mrs Muneri, who was getting her daughters’ hair done at Ebony Hair Salon along Kwame Nkrumah Mall, said she purposely delayed to get their hair done as they are careless with their hair.

“Problem with my daughters is that they are careless when it comes to their hairstyles so I purposely delayed their ‘back to school’ hairdo, at least tomorrow they will go with new hairstyles since it is the opening day,” she said.

It was an opportunity for hairdressers to charge high fees since they were on demand yesterday, hair cut fee was ranging from US$1 to US$5 depending with the salon one chose.

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