Hallelujah Chicken Run Band reunion on course

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Hallelujah Chicken Run Band reunion on course Some of the surviving members of Hallelujah Chicken Run Band


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

SURVIVING members of yesteryear’s unrivalled nursery of music talent, Hallelujah Chicken Run Band, could be headed for a timely reunion before year-end, thanks to the son of the late Daram Karanga’s initiative.

Karanga, who was part of the once star-studded outfit, died recently aged 83.

Daram Karanga 2nd from (left) with relatives

He is survived by his widow and four sons.


Among the sons, one of them who works for the security services Ganizani Karanga has vowed to revive the Hallelujah Chicken Run Band, which was his late father’s dream.

Ganizani Karanga

Prior to his death, Daram worked with Hallelujah Chicken Run Band, Okay Success, Ocean City Band, Huchi Band, Fly High Jazz Band but it was the late James Chimombe that he saved for years.


Besides Daram, Thomas Mapfumo, Patrick Mkwamba, Elias Dzapasi, Jonah Sithole, Robert Nekati, Wilson “Mudhara Weeds” Mbale and Tendai Nyabeza were part of the mighty Hallejah Chicken Run Band.


Following trumpeter Daram’s death, his son Ganizani has since released his debut album titled Nolstalgia at 43.


Buoyed by the reception of his debut album, Ganizani has vowed to collaborate with some of the surviving members of the Hallelujah Chicken Run.


“When my father died on 7th of November, he has always wanted me to become a musician and keep the family legacy.


“He advised me to get in touch with some of the surviving members of the Hallelujah Chicken Run Band who are still alive.


“I took the advice serious and I have been in touch with them so that we come with something.


“I have already contacted the likes of Elias Dzapasi, Robert Nekati, Wilson Mbale and Patrick Mkwamba who are willing that we do a collabo before year and even a reunion show,” he said.


Ganizani, who studied music at the Zimbabwe College of Music, said he was also willing to learn from his father’s friends that were largely self-taught.


“Some of my father’s friends at Hallelujah Chicken Run were naturally talented while others honed their skills under the tutelage of others.


“In my case, I am willing to combine what I have acquired at the Zimbabwe College of Music and of course the expertise of my elders,” said the proud father of three.


He also praised the late Chimombe for giving his father exposure before his retirement in 2011.


“My father worked with the late James Chimombe for years after the disbanding of Hallelujah Chicken Run Band.


“He even penned some of Chimombe’s major hits like Zvaitika, Jikinya, Masutu, Kamuzi Kwatu, Goerge Mudiwa among others.


“After Chimombe’s death, he continued jamming with other groups and decided to call it quits in the year 2011.


“After his retirement, he encouraged me to forget alliance with his yesteryear friends and also the Chimombe family.


“I and James Chimombe’s kids like Tendai and the other one in South Africa we treat each other like siblings because we were taught to simply do that as friends,” he said.


To show his loyalty to the Chimombe family, Ganizani has also composed a specia dedication to the legendary Jemedza hit-maker titled Tribute to Jemedza Chimombe.


Besides Chimombe’s tribute song, the album carries four other tracks namely Chimusoro, Sekuru, Roza and Prezha.


It was produced by Tichaona Chacha at Sungano Studios while instruments were played by Chacha, Oscar Chamba, Abedinico Takapera with the help of Letty Hlabani and Priscilla Shumba on vocals.


Meanwhile, Ganizani is currently working videos off his debut album.


“I have decided to invest a lot in videos since they are helping us to push and market our brands.


“I will be releasing some before year end if all go according to plan,” he added.

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