Harare may run dry

18 Sep, 2019 - 12:09 0 Views
Harare may run dry Mayor Hebert Gomba


Tanaka Nyambo, H-Metro Reporter

Harare may run dry if the current drought induced water crisis is not given urgent attention, Mayor Councillor Herbert Gomba has said.

In an interview, Gomba said council has since decommissioned Prince Edward Water Works after the drying up of Seke and Harava dams and the city’s major water source Lake Chivero is also just above 50 percent.

“The population of Harare also continues to grow by day and at the moment, we are looking at five million people which as City of Harare must supply water to.

“Our facilities are pumping around 350 mega litres per day and that is 49 percent capacity.

“This is not enough for such a big population, we need to come up with immediate action to this crisis as soon as possible,” he said.

Gomba said lack of foreign currency as well as investment in water production are affecting water production.

Harare has an infrastructure deficit of over 40 years.

“Lack of investment has also affected the production of potable water,” he said.


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