Harare Multicultural Festival on cards

12 May, 2022 - 00:05 0 Views
Harare Multicultural Festival on cards The annual Harare Multicultural Festival will be held on Saturday


Mary Mutamiri

MAKULUWANI Sports Bar in WhiteCliffe will host the annual Harare Multicultural Festival on Saturday.

A Zimbabwe National Traditional Dancers Association (ZNTDA) initiative, the one-day festival will see traditional dancers and mbira players showcasing their talent under one roof.

ZNTDA president, Kennedy Kachuruka, said this year’s event will be held under the theme “Promoting and Preserving Culture Through Dance”.

“The theme is to promote our Zimbabwean culture as it is being eroded.

“The event is aimed at creating a market and network platform for traditional dance groups in Harare and surrounding places, which is our main objective.

“We also need to celebrate cultural diversity during this culture month as prescribed by the National Arts Cuouncil of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Kachuruka said there was room for everyone to participate at the event.

“A total of 15 groups will participate and there is room for others who are asking for a platform to showcase.

“It’s good to embrace local talent, that’s why everyone is given the opportunity to participate,” said Kachuruka.

He added: “We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.

“Let’s be proud of our culture and find a way to embrace and respect it.”

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