Harare residents appeal for more buses

23 May, 2019 - 12:05 0 Views


Tariroyashe Goredema, H-Metro Reporter

HARARE based commuters are appealing for more buses as the available few are not enough to cater for the busy peak hours.

Commuters appealed for government intervention in the transport sector as buses are the new affordable means of transport.

Speaking to H-Metro a ZUPCO bus driver identified as Tinashe Mangisi said government should take part and add more buses because the reduction in bus fare is causing commotion at bus ranks.

“Transport is an important sector in growing the country’s economy therefore the government should add more buses.

“During peak hours people are getting injured because everyone wants to go home leading to pressure, theft and abuse especially of women and children.

“Commuters across the country have had to make alternative arrangements to get to their destinations.”

Another Harare based citizen, Justice Moyo, said the situation was no longer bearable as buses are now on demand.

“The situation at ranks is now risky and dangerous, we need more buses to make life easier when it comes to transportation.

“We no longer feel safe because there is pressure at the bus ranks and some of us are scared of getting injured and theft will be at its highest rate,” said Moyo.




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