Harare seeks help in refuse collection

29 Aug, 2017 - 16:08 0 Views
Harare seeks help in refuse collection Eng Phillip Pfukwa


29 August 2017

Harare City council is set to contract community members and local community organizations to collect refuse from their areas to central collection points for a fee.

According to the environmental minutes, council will engage community members or Community Based Organizations to collect waste from all households within their areas and transfer it to central collection points where the municipal waste collection vehicles will collect the waste for disposal.

“The community members or CBOs would be collecting refuse bags from local areas to council identified central collection points,’’ read the minutes.

According to the minutes, the community members would get $1.60 which is the 25 percent of the current refuse collection tariffs per month for each bag, which is $6.50 for high density suburbs.

“The community members or CBOs would be paid 25 percent of council’s charge which is $6.50,” read the notes.
Council’s Director of Works, Engineer Phillip Pfukwa said council was currently experiencing challenges due to technical and human resources constraints.

“The high frequency of breakdowns of the existing fleet, which was symptomatic of other challenges such as poor conditions of our roads and of Pomona dumpsite and fleet age and lack of scheduled routine maintenance.

“Poor roads in some areas and shortage of refuse equipment are main causes of inconsistent garbage collection and removal of waste in Harare,” read the minutes.

According to the minutes, 30 new refuse collection trucks will be received in the next six weeks to significantly improve the level of service delivery in the city.

“A contingency plan was required in order to maintain the require frequency of waste removal and collection of once per week for residential areas,” reads the minutes.

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