Harare warns Real estate Agencies

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11 January 2019

Yvonne Takawira

THE chairperson of the City of Harare Environmental Committee Kudzai Kadzombe, yesterday urged Land Developers to bring sustainable development into communities without causing destruction and pollution to the environment.

Speaking during a tour organized by Harare Wetlands Trust and City of Harare Environmental Committee in Marlborough, Kadzombe said they are pro-densification but Real Estates Agencies should be responsible in protecting the environment.

One of the Real Estate Agencies, Dawn Properties constructed cluster houses without proper planning of an effective sewer system, and this has caused a threat to the health of the residents as sewage has become unmanageable.

“We have stopped approvals of Cluster houses because as it is, we are overburdening an already struggling sewer system until there are plans in place for an alternative sustainable sewer management system.

“ However, we are  pro-densification but we have to plan because as it is, it’s a ticking time bomb and Dawn Properties has done a commendable job in building the cluster houses but however, the challenge comes when other residents have sewage flowing into their houses,” said Kadzombe.

She added that Dawn Properties was yet to owner their promise of donating pipes to the city council for the improvement of the sewer system infrastructure so as to rectify the situation.

“They are yet to donate sewer pipes to the city council as they had promised earlier to help in the management of the sewer system.

“Regardless of this, we have engaged with our Engineers to create a more self-sustaining system which is eco-friendly, such as earthworm based technology for wastewater treatment, since septic tanks are not viable near water bodies,” said Kadzombe.

Meanwhile, residents in Marlborough have condemned Dawn properties for constructing residential houses without proper plans on waste management.

According to Shingi Chirimuuta of Marlborough Environmental Action Group, Dawn properties do not have a properly connected sewer system and this has been causing sewage to flow into other residents’ houses.

“Our major challenge is that they (Dawn Properties) did not properly connect their sewer system such that some residents have problems with sewage occasionally flowing into their houses.

“Sometimes water from our toilets flows back into the houses, a situation which has been worsened by the additional pipes pumping into the already existing sewer infrastructure,” said Chirimuuta.

“We have a pending court case against the City of Harare for allocating Stands and EMA for giving Environmental Impact Assessment certificates to Dawn Properties to construct houses on our wetlands,” added Chirimuuta.

“Already we have a problem with our sewer system which currently has one sewer pump instead of six resulting in raw sewage flowing into Gwebi River.

“What then happens to our environment if more two thousands houses are constructed?” she said.












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