Harare water challenges to stay

30 May, 2018 - 17:05 0 Views
Harare water challenges to stay Mayor Manyenyeni


30 May 2018

Mayor Manyenyeni

HARARE mayor, Councillor Bernard Manyenyeni, says water challenges being experienced in the capital will remain unsolved.

Speaking at the Harare Water Strategic plan and Zimfund None Revenue Water Project Outcome Workshop held in the capital yesterday, the mayor said foreign currency shortage is affecting the water treatment and supply.

He also said the council cannot meet its 2025 vision of earning the capital a world class city status.

“Foreign currency is affecting the water treatment and water challenges will remain till we come up with solid solutions to improve the treatment and supply network,” said Manyenyeni.

“I do not think the vision of making Harare a world class city by 2025 is attainable under this condition, we are having crises of foreign currency to purchase chemicals.

“We have under invested in our water solutions and we are having limitations in the treatment and supply network and our water is not fit for human consumption, our raw water is heavily polluted.”

Mayor Manyeneni said 60 percent of water is lost through leakages.

“We are having some limitations, there is a mismatch between the infrasture and the current population, may be the Morton Jeffrey Plant was initially designed for only 300 000 people, but the population is now over 4 million.

“As the City council we are having challenges in meeting our customer demands and we are battling to convince people that we are doing our best in as far as water treatment and supply is concerned.

“When a water pipe is burst our reaction period is six hours and we urge people to call us immediately.

“People who demand services are those who are not competent, they do not pay the bills so how can the council deliver the services smoothly, I am being called every day, people demanding to know how their money is working,” he said.

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