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17 August 2018

Mark Harrison

HARARE City coach Mark Harrison is positive his boys will avoid another draw when they face Bulawayo Chiefs at Luveve on Sunday.

After recording 11 draws so far, Harrison feels it is time to take a new turn and start scoring goals to win matches.

“We have a lot of decent performances in the last three or so games creating a lot of chances but failing to get more goals.

“We should have won most of these games and the frustration is coming from us having to create the chances and not being able to use them.

“What we now need is to convert our possession and chances into wins and get three points,” Harrison said.

Harrison believes the players are lacking confidence in front of goal.

“I think the boys have a little of tension because they are desperate for a win which has been elusive at the moment but it is not my duty to put pressure on them.

“They need to feel relaxed when they are playing and if we manage to put a smile on their faces and play football, am sure we can get the three points that we need,” he said.

Despite recording the biggest number of draws so far, Harrison is still comfortable with his side’s performance in the league.

“Eleven draws is too many and when you look at those games probably seven of them, we should have generally won.

“If you convert those seven games to an extra two points its 14 points that would have put us right at the top with the platinum teams.

“That is a bit of a frustration when we look backwards but we are genuinely happy with where we are since the beginning of the season,” he said.

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