Hatcliffe assault video: suspects in court

Zvikomborero Parafini 

FOUR Hatcliffe women who severely assaulted an alleged home wrecker are expected in court today to apply for bail.

Zelpa Kanduza, Natasha Kanduza, Fortunate Tembo and Olleyn Vinyungwi appeared before Harare magistrate Evelyn Mashavakure facing assault charges at the weekend.

The court heard that the four went to Alice Chaichai’s house looking for her but she wasn’t home.

When she returned, she found the four waiting outside her house.

Natasha asked her if she had a love affair with Zelpa’s husband. 

Chaichai denied the afgfair, which angered the quartet.

They started assaulting her and dragged her out of her house by the braids.

They punched and kicked her as she lay helplessly on the ground.

Zelpa kicked Chaichai numerous times on her stomach before they tore her clothes and left her unconscious.

An onlooker covered Chaichai’s nakedness with a wrapping cloth after the assault, which was recorded and went viral on social media.

The clip helped identify Chaichai’s assailants.

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