Haunted by ex wife

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Haunted by ex wife


9 January 2019

Delight Kabiseni

AN EPWORTH man is at odds with his former wife who is allegedly disturbing his peace.

Abednego Ngativafambire applied for a protection order against his ex-wife Leah Asafa who accusing him for verbal abuse.

“She is my ex-wife and she insults me in front of my current wife.

“She also harasses me,” he said.

Ngativafambire told the court that the respondent is violent.

“She came to my house throwing stones at me and she once locked me in the house.

“She once assaulted my current wife,” he said.

Ngativafambire told the court his prayers against the respondent.

“I want her to stop damaging my property.

“I want her to stop visiting my house,” said Ngativafambire.

In response, Asafa denied the allegations against her.

“He is lying that I am abusive.

“He once assaulted me and chased me away.

“I once applied for a protection order and I was told to move into my matrimonial house but he chased me again,” said Asafa.

Presiding magistrate Noah Gwatidzo dismissed the protection order for lack of merit.

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