Have mercy on customers, please

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Have mercy on customers, please




. . . Of stale, rotten food in big supermarkets


The Trekker finally got an explanation why some of these restaurants in big supermarkets favour marinated meat and spices.

Despite a large number of customers preferring food without spices, the chef told me that the spice and marinate served a very good purpose to keep the chef on his job; they mask the bad odour coming from some of the meat that would have become rotten.

The chef told The Trekker after buying sadza and rotten meat from a big supermarket that the leftovers are washed and spices are put on the meat to make it look palatable again. Munodaro ngenyiko nhai macapitalists imwi? Even sadza is heated, the chef said, to look ‘fresh’ again. When you go to complain you get assisted asap like what The Trekker did in this big supermarket on Sunday. Havakudei ava.


Around 3 000 jailbirds were given new lease of life. Including those who were facing life sentences. They can now breathe air out of prison walls. The Lord Jesus told one sinner to go and sin no more. Surely after being given another lease of life when you are freed from life sentence then one should repent from his or her ways. Staff at prisons there are always on record that the prison is not there to make people suffer but to correct offenders so they gel well with others in society. Prisons spokesperson Ass-Comm Elizabeth Banda always urges people to accept ex-prisoners in the society so that they reform. The Trekker advises the ex-prisoners to reform and change their ways.


Olinda and Tytan

Rapper Tytan and his wife Olinda have been trending on social networks after the Mukoko singer paid lobola to his fiancée in the UK.

As was expected, Olinda took to social media posting pictures and videos of their traditional wedding.

However, Tytan has been on the receiving end with social media users claiming he was bailed by his wife to pay lobola since she is known for pampering men she dates.

The Trekker has been following the debate with keen interest but Tytan did the right thing by silencing his critics.

It has dawned that matters of the heart are complex and at times it’s hard to please everybody.

After all, when one marries they don’t do it to please the society as perceived by many.

We hope we won’t see more drama. May the Almighty bless Tytan and Olinda.

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