Hazvipere Mushe, musician warns

21 Dec, 2020 - 10:12 0 Views
Hazvipere Mushe, musician warns Star Nyowani


Edwin Nhukarume, Entertainment Reporter

CHIMURENGA musician and True Africans band leader Star Nyowani has released a single titled Hazvipere Mushe encouraging married couples to desist from touching each other’s mobile phones.


Star Nyowani said mobile phones are private gadgets that are personal and those in marriage should respect it to protect their union.


“I have done this song Hazvipere Mushe since I realised there are many cases of people divorcing because of mobile phones.

“It is an educative song aiming to positively build marriages in harmony,” said Star Nyowani.


“To keep the fire of love burning in the house, a man must not touch his wife’s mobile phone and and vice versa. Ukatsvaga gudo mugomo unoriwana.

“Couples should protect their marriages and not let a mobile phone destroy their union,” he added.


Hazvipere Mushe recently got air play on some of local radio stations.


Star Nyowani started his professional career in 2015. He has four albums to his credit namely Yeuchidzo (2015), Makunakuna (2016), Zuva Rabuda (2018) and Mhuka Nevana Vadzo (2019).


He once released a tribute to the late Oliver Mtukudzi.


Star Manyowani has worked with studios such as Gasani Studios and Sungano Studios.

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