‘He can’t handle divorce’

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‘He can’t handle divorce’ Clara Musekiwa


9 January 2019

Clara Musekiwa

A HARARE man is yet to come to terms with his recent divorce and has resorted to issuing his ex-lover with death threats.

The matter came to light at the Harare Civil Court where Clara Musekiwa was seeking a protection order against her ex-husband Gift Muriravanhu.

Muriravanhu is being accused of threatening Musekiwa after the two broke up in July last year.

“I am the one who left him last year in July and ever since he has been sending me texts messages threatening my person.

“He is failing to accept the breakup and is making efforts to bring hell on my life and that of our child.

“I want the court to grant me protection against him because I fear for my life or his next steps,” prayed Clara Musekiwa.

In his response, Muriravanhu consented to the application.

“I have no problems with her being granted the application, I just want access to my 13-year-old child.

“She now has many boyfriends and maybe she is afraid they will ask her why she still has me in her picture.

“I have never texted her or issued her with any threats of violence or death,” he said.

Gift Muriravanhu

Magistrate Noah Gwatidzo, who presided over the matter, granted the application in favour of Clara Musekiwa.

He ordered the respondent not to stalk her, verbally or physically assault her and to stop sending her texts.


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