‘He chased me away’

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‘He chased me away’ Mercy Sombi


19 December 2018

Mercy Sombi

Kelly Tafi

A CITY woman has hauled her husband to court for verbal and physical abuse and for taking her property from her office.

Mercy Sombi appeared before Harare magistrate Noah Gwatidzo applying for a protection order against her husband Terrence Mashamba citing verbal and physical abuse and also taking her property by force.

“He is my husband but we are no longer staying together; he chased me away from our house.

“He is a police officer at CID and he is very aggressive.

“He verbally and physically abuses me.

“The last time he came to my workplace he insulted me in front of my colleagues.

“He took everything in my office; the machines I use at work and my handbag. The machine belongs to my parents.

“They didn’t report him to the police because they thought he was going to change and bring back the machines.

“He is saying that he wants his bride price back.

“I want him to stop calling me and be barred from coming to my workplace. He should stop insulting and assaulting me and barred from coming to my parents’ house,” she said.

In response, Mashamba told the court that he was not aggressive and he did not chase her away claiming she moved out on her own with all the property.

“I didn’t chase her away; she came with her mother and took all the property with them along with my $2400. She did this after I asked her why a married woman should be friends with her brother’s friends and her mother claimed that I called her daughter a prostitute.

“Her mother called my relatives telling them that I chased her daughter away and that I was aggressive which is not true. I don’t understand their motives.

“I don’t know what I did wrong to them.

“I respect her mother very much I take her as my own but she takes her daughter’s side not seeing what she is doing is wrong.

“I just want them to bring back my things they took.

“I told her to come and get her property I took from her office and she took some while leaving some and I don’t know why.

“She said I should not come to her mother’s house but they are my in-laws and I have paid bride price and she is also carrying my child.

“Your worship, I don’t have a problem with you granting the order because I never did any of the things she is saying,” he said.

Presiding magistrate Noah Gwatidzo granted the order in Sombi’s favour ordering Mashamba not to abuse her.

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