Gamuchirai Bhachi

A HARARE woman claims she was chased from a house which was owned by her late husband by a man who moved in to stay with her.

However, Emmanuel Mugomeza says he built the house together with Esnath before their relationship broke down and she moved out.

Emmanuel dragged Esnath to the Harare Civil Court where he wanted a protection order issued against her.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira dismissed the case due to lack of merit.

Esnath said:

“He moved in after my husband’s death and he started to abuse me after I failed to conceive.

“I went to the police and he was given a three-month notice which ended on September 1.

“I can’t continue paying rent at the house I am renting because he is refusing to leave my house.”

She added that on the day Emmanuel was supposed to vacate the house he issued her with court summons from the Civil Court.

In response, Emmanuel said:

“She is my ex-wife, we were married and she moved out and I have a new family and she now comes to my home to insult me.

“We bought the house together during the time I was working at the airport, 10 years ago, and she is now claiming that the house belongs to her.

“Her children also come threatening to kill me saying that I should leave their father’s home.”

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