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AN Inter Africa worker successfully applied for a protection order against her workmate for verbal and physical abuse.

Chipo Chada took Timothy Zivanai to the Harare Civil Court accusing him of calling her a prostitute and choking her in front of their workmates.

“I’m his girlfriend’s friend and one day he approached us when we were having lunch and choked me, calling me a prostitute.

“His girlfriend had to grab him to let go off me.

“I don’t want him to interfere in my business or to harass me at our workplace.

“I want him to stay away from me because I’m now living in fear,” Chipo said.

Timothy denied the allegations saying he wasn’t aware that the two were in bad books.

“I’m her superior at work, and what does she mean I shouldn’t interfere with her work?

“She is delusional, we work at Mbare Musika bus terminus and she doesn’t like the fact that I’m the one in charge,” he said.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted Chipo’s application.

“Issues of abuse can’t be disputed in this case as evidence submitted is clear,” said magistrate Mashavira.

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