‘He doesn’t use the prevailing bank rate’

Faith Mandizha

A HARARE woman hauled her ex-hubby to court accusing him of child neglect.

Elsa Mavera sought a garnishment order for maintenance, saying her ex-husband, Farai Bureni, had blocked her.

She said the two were no longer communicating and she wanted a garnish order to avoid problems.

“He blocked me from contacting him. 

“Every month when he deposits money into my account, he doesn’t use the prevailing bank rate and l end up withdrawing US$15 instead of the US$30 he was ordered to pay,” she said.

Farai said Elsa was harassing and threatening him.

“I do everything for our child, but she is always complaining and threatening me. Last time when we appeared in court, she harassed me outside and the police intervened.

“I oppose her application because I’m currently paying off a loan and it will make things difficult for me,” he said. 

However, magistrate Ayanda Dlamini granted the garnishment order.

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