‘He got me fired’

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‘He got me fired’


Takudzwa Mhungu

A CITY woman is at odds with her former husband who she claims caused her to lose her job.

Sandra Showe demanded $300 maintenance from her former lover Eric Musara saying that he is the main cause for her predicament.

She told the court that she is facing difficulties in looking after her child considering the price increases of groceries and basics as a result of her unemployment.

“I am unemployed now because he came to my workplace and caused havoc which led me to lose my job at Itel.

“I am now facing massive hardships in looking after my child because of his behaviour so he should pay for our child’s welfare,” Showe said.

Musara offered $100 saying that he was a commuter omnibus driver realising very little.

“I am a commuter omnibus driver realising $200 per month so I cannot afford the money she requested.

“I only went to her workplace after being told about her shenanigans with other men so I had to see for myself,” Musara said.

Musara also said he had other people depending on him despite his minimum income.

“I look after my parents who are in the rural araes. I also look after my brother’s child and I have other expenses which include basics and rent,” he added.

Presiding magistrate Nyasha Marufu ordered Musara to pay $170 per month effective November 30.

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