‘He is destroying my marriage’

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‘He is destroying my marriage’


Praise Mabuto, Court Reporter

A DISGRUNTLED woman is at loggerheads with her neighbour for linking her husband with girlfriends.

Loveness Mpofu made the revelation at the Harare Civil Court where her neighbour Taurai Mugova accused her of disturbing his peace.

“The girlfriends she is talking about are my friends who come to see me at my house.

“She is just framing that I took my friend to be her husband’s girlfriend.

“She insults me whenever she finds me with my friends,” he said.

Mugova told the court that Mpofu is alleging that he steals mazoe at his work place.

“She is telling everyone that I sell groceries that I steal from my workplace.

“I am even afraid to lose my job since she is tarnishing my image,” said Mugova.

Mpofu did not dispute that she insulted Mugova.

“He is a go-between for my husband’s girlfriend.

“My husband used him to communicate with his girlfriend and he is the one who looks for other girlfriends if my husband breaks up with the other.

“He is a troublemaker in my marriage and my marriage is now on the verge of collapse,” said Mpofu.

Presiding magistrate Nyasha Marufu ordered them to go and stay in peace.










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