Faith Mandizha

A HARARE woman has accused a relative of being a pimp who looks for women for her husband.

However, Clara Chinamo’s application for a protection order against her husband’s nephew, Tafara Shava, was dismissed at the Harare Civil Court.

Chinamo also accused Tafara Shava of physical and verbal abuse.

“He pimps women for my husband and I barred him from coming to our house because he’s a bad influence.

“He once assaulted me and I reported him to the police,” she said.

Tafara denied the allegations saying he was the one who was assaulted and also received threatening texts from Clara.

He said she banned him from her house because she thinks he finds women for her husband.

“Her husband is outside, he’s my witness,” said Tafara.

“I’m the one who was assaulted and I had to grab her hands as a form of defence.”

Clara’s husband, Andrew Chipepere, was summoned to testify about the day his wife and nephew had an altercation.

He told the court that Clara was the perpetrator.

“She’s my wife, but she’s violent. She even assaults me, but I don’t retaliate.

“I just leave the house to avoid further violence,” Andrew said.

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