‘He married my best friend’

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‘He married my best friend’


Mediator Setoboli, Court Reporter

A DISGRUNTLED woman disclosed in court that her former husband married her best friend and now wants to keep her out of his life.

Patience Motsi made the revelations at the Harare Civil Magistrates’ court where her ex, Marova Changwe accused her of disturbing his peace.

She did not dispute interfering with Changwe’s life but said they have children together.

“The new wife he is talking about is my best friend.

“He married my best friend and I cannot allow him to come to my place with his new wife to see my children,” said Motsi.

Changwe pleaded with presiding magistrate Noah Gwatidzo to grant a protection order in his favour.

“She is my former wife and we are no longer staying together.

“She is staying at our house in Glen View with our children.

“Last year I told her that I was taking another wife,” said Changwe.

Changwe claimed Patience was in the habit of harassing and physically abusing him.

“She harasses me and my new wife every time we visit the children.

“She also beats my children if she sees them with me.”

He added that he wanted her not to visit his workplace or his new home.

“I want her to be barred from my coming to my house.

“She is a troublemaker; this is not the first time coming here.

“We are now a laughing stock in this court,” said Marova

Motsi countered the accusations saying it was Marova who had turned children against her.

“I have a protection order against him so this is also a way of fixing me.”

Magistrate Gwatidzo dismissed the case.

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