‘He spends money gambling’

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‘He spends money gambling’


Praise Mabuto, Court Reporter

AN estranged Harare couple appeared at the Harare Civil Court with the woman demanding maintenance.

Nomtando Mtema was bitter after she discovered that her husband Nyashadzawo Mutema, was starving his family while he allegedly spends money on gambling.

“I do not know his earnings but l was told he is always spending all his salary on betting.

“He comes home late every night at around 3am and when I ask him where he is coming from he remains quiet.

“He doesn’t buy food for the children, we are now surviving from begging and selling maputi.

“His children are becoming a burden to him and he is not even making an effort to look after them.

“At one point he told me that if I feel abused I should go back to my parents’ house but I cannot go since I have his children,” she said.

Nomtando also told the court that her husband comes home with nothing every day.

“He expects me to cook for him yet he comes home with nothing every day.

“Sometimes I feel sorry when he goes to work without eating anything but there will be nothing to cook,” said Nomtando.

Nyashadzawo did not dispute the allegations.

He then surrendered his payslip to the magistrate.

“I have nothing to say that is my pay slip,” said Nyashadzawo.

He earns $4 892 net salary.

Presiding magistrate Nyasha Marufu ordered him to pay $2 000 as monthly maintenance with effect from March 31.

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