He survived many accidents: Son

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He survived many accidents: Son Bishop Dambaza's children


Desmond Munemo, H-Metro Reporter

ORACLE, son to the late Bishop Berry Dambaza, relived how the family escaped fatal accidents during their travels.

Speaking at the funeral service held yesterday at Jubilee Christian Centre in Harare, Oracle described events surrounding the accidents.

“We survived an accident at the beginning of this year along Herbert Chitepo Avenue and Fourth Street while i was sitting in front along with my sister.

“A car suddenly came from nowhere and rammed into us.

“That day, we thought we had died if it wasn’t for the airbags and my dad also thought we had died but we survived that day,” he said.

“We also survived other accidents before this one, dangerous ones, and had an incident where my dad’s car, a Corolla, was rendered right off after a serious accident,” added Oracle.

“There are so many times he could have gone but God protected him, he loved him, even when he fell off, some people die instantly, he did not because God still gave him a chance to talk to him and I’m grateful for that.

“This man who is lying in front of us made us who we are today and I would like everybody to find peace in their hearts because God took him,” said Oracle.

He also took time to comfort his mother and also said the church should just live by what his father taught them.

“He was your leader and also a dear father to us and so you should just live by what he taught you,” he added.

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